Stock screening made easy
Find the best signals in 10 minutes per day - without backtesting - without coding

If we want to trade successfully, we need a good trading plan. A plan that is proven to work. In order to be able to say whether a plan works, it must be based on duplicable rules. These rules can be determined by backtesting software. Or on the other hand by means of screeners.

We also understand that not every trader wants to learn backtesting. Because it may be too time consuming or too costly. Or both. For this reason, there is an alternative from now on. 

We find the best signals with a freely accessible stock screener – entirely without backtesting.

In this ONLINE STREAMING seminar we will show you how to use the finviz stock screener to find the best trades with the highest profit chances in just a few minutes per day. And this screener is 100% free of charge!

We explain live (and back up our statements with facts) which rules have the best hit rates, with which stocks they achieve the most profit per trade, how long they stay positioned, where they place their stops and which additional filters they need with the finviz Stock Screener to find the best trades.

We make this screening process so simple that you don’t need more than 10 minutes per day for everything. And by the time the US stock market opens in the afternoon, you’ll be long done with your trading. Call it a day!


A frank word: Backtesting is from our point of view still the best solution to trade successfully. Nevertheless, you can also approach the matter pragmatically and simplify your trading, if you use the simplest systems that work. You will certainly make less return this way, but you still have good return chances. And your training time will be reduced to a minimum. You decide which way you want to go. With backtesting (the royal road via our Masterclass) or discretionary with Screener (this seminar).

You do not need any additional tools for the seminar. The screener is 100% free even without registration.

Thomas Vittner

What you will learn in the seminar

We will show you what parts a trading strategy consists of and how important it is that the individual parts harmonize with each other. Furthermore, we discuss different strategy types so that you can not only choose the best screening settings but also understand why you choose them.

We will show you the best settings.

We use different Portfolios for analyzes. 1) Cheap Stocks 2) Reliable Stocks and 3) Hig Income Stocks

How do you sort your signals if our position sizing allows 5 trades but we receive 10 signals? Sorting is of enormous importance, improves our performance – if it is well set – and is also indispensable for fast and precise live trading.

How many shares you buy is not always just a question of your account balance. Here we show you what really matters when it comes to position sizing.

With our approach, your trading focus changes. You plan your trades (do the screening) before the US stock market opens (in the morning or early afternoon). Based on the signal selection from the screener, you place your orders with the broker before the market opens. Long before the actual opening of the stock exchange, your trading is already completed. And during the trading time there is no reason for you to sit online in front of the computer and waste your time. The whole trading process is done in 10 minutes per day at the most, leaving you more time for the important things in life.

We will explain to you step by step which settings you can choose for the stock screener and which returns are possible. We will run certain screener settings through the backtest live before your eyes and show you how to set the screener so that it displays the trades with the highest return opportunities.

Pre-market order entry when markets are closed? Maybe in the morning before you have to go to work? Comfortably, without hustle and bustle and without the zapping around of the prices? With a clear trading plan that works? And with an average of 10 minutes effort per day? This becomes your new trading reality with our seminar.

Successful trading requires a little more than a good trading plan. Trading is a business. Even though stock screening is easily explained, there are some business basics you should keep in mind. Here we introduce you to the world of professional traders.


This seminar is aimed at trading beginners with little prior knowledge. If you have internalized the absolute basics of trading, you are 100% suitable for this seminar.

Case Studies
Your trading could soon look like this
What you need for THE SEMINAR

Computer, Smartphone or Tablett

The seminar is a Zoom meeting. If you have a Mac, a PC, or Windows, IOS or Android devices in general, you can install the Zoom app for free and participate. Participation is also possible via Linux.

NO Backtesting Software

All you need is access to the internet

Trading Basic Knowledge

You should have internalized the absolute basics of trading. You should bring this knowledge with you in order to progress as quickly as possible. But we really don’t require much prior knowledge.

Trading Broker


You can trade the screened shares at the broker of your choice. You can also use CFDs instead of stocks if you would like.

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