Thomas Vittner’s bestsellers at a glance

Das Trader Coaching

Less is more - and in this simplicity lies the secret of success. Budding traders in particular approach this business with completely wrong ideas, and Thomas Vittner convincingly clears away these misconceptions. LANGUAGE: GERMAN

Die Tradingakademie

In his first book, "The Trader Coaching", Thomas Vittner described in brilliant and at the same time simple words what really matters in trading. Now he presents the process of trading in all its possible manifestations. LANGUAGE: GERMAN

Börsenerfolg ...

Never before have there been so many opportunities for investors, but also so many imponderables and so much to do! More than ever, sound knowledge and well-versed technology are an absolute prerequisite for finding one's way in the ever-faster markets. LANGUAGE: GERMAN

Buch 4

Das Tradingtagebuch

To look over the shoulder of professionals while trading is the wish of many traders. In his trading manual, Thomas Vittner now offers you for the first time the opportunity to be part of his daily trading sessions "live". LANGUAGE: GERMAN

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The Trading Diary

Many traders would like to have the opportunity of looking over the shoulders of the professionals as they trade. Now, for the first time, Thomas Vittner, in his trading manual, offers you the possibility of being there »live« during his trading sessions. This book is for advanced trader.

Die Essays ... No.1

In his essays on the international bestseller "The Trading Diary", asset manager Thomas Vittner explains important facts about active stock market trading. This ad-on deals with questions, details and challenges around the entry. LANGUAGE: GERMAN