The self-made stock exchange professional

Thomas Vittner came to the stock market as a career changer from the insurance industry and within a few years became a successful stock trader, keynote speaker and bestselling author! In addition, he was co-founder of the world’s first stock robo advisor, a digital financial services provider.

Thomas Vittner bought his first stocks shortly after the turn of the millennium. And in doing so, he had a big dream – to achieve financial independence.

But things initially turned out differently – he lost almost his entire fortune. Because he didn’t know the challenges of the stock market. Because he didn’t know himself.

But where others would have given up, he really got started. Thomas began devouring every stock market book he could get his hands on. And after a few years, the first successes began to appear.

Eight years later, Thomas had his first stock exchange book contract in his hands. And what followed was a successful stock market career that continues to this day.

Trading for a living

In 2007, Thomas gave his first presentation at the Vienna Stock Exchange. 

One year later, his broker sent him on roadshows through Germany and Austria as a figurehead due to his above-average stock market profits. 

Due to these successes and after a successful career in the insurance industry, he ventured into professional self-employment as a stock exchange trader in 2009.

In 2016, Thomas Vittner founded the world’s first equity robo advisor, a digital financial services provider. He led the company for years as CEO until its sale.

After selling the investment consulting business, Thomas decided to use his free time wisely by reviving his Trading & Education business, which had been shut down since 2014 and started in 2007, in 2019. 

Today, Thomas Vittner and a small, dedicated team offer high-quality trading education throughout the German-speaking world.


2001 – Start Trading

2003 – Almost went bankrupt

2007 – First seminar at the Vienna Stock Exchange

2009 – German Book Bestseller & Trading Book of the Year “Das Trader Coaching”

2012 – Entry into the asset management sector

2015 – US book release “The Trading Diary”

2016 – Founding of the world’s first equity robo advisor

2018 – University lectures on stock trading in Germany (various)

2019 – Sale of investment consulting

2019 – Resumption Trading & Education for private customers

2020 – Start Trading Room “Billions” (final Performance after 13 Months +62%)

2021 – Online Trading College “Blue Chips”

2022 – Extension of the trading curriculum with different modules (Masterclass, Quantmaster etc.)

2023 – Internationalization

Book Bestseller by Thomas Vittner
University lectures

When Thomas Vittner’s time allows, he likes to keep in touch with young people to get them interested in stocks & the stock market. In this context, he occasionally organizes lectures on stock trading, among others at numerous German universities. Furthermore, he supported the Danube University in Krems/AT in the design of various stock market education materials.

You would like to book Thomas for a lecture at your university or stock exchange association? Please contact us via email without obligation.