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Hello Mr. Vittner! I had announced that I would get in touch as soon as I had refinanced the coaching. My goal was to achieve this by the end of the year, which I have now actually managed to do with one day's delay. So my first milestone has been reached. For the fact that I have only been trading for a little over 2 months, I am very satisfied. Thank you very much for what you have taught me.
Dr. Achim Lamatsch
Waldkirch (GERMANY)
It's a pity that I only now came across Mr. Vittner's training offer. I have already attended some courses, trainings and webinars, but what is offered by Mr. Vittner (content, presentation style, structuring, etc.) is unique.
Josef Mayer
Ingolstadt (GERMANY)
I really enjoy watching Thomas videos. The backtest software is super explained. Your course is well suited for beginners, but even advanced users can still learn a lot. The videos have a pleasant length, so that you can still "cope" with them well after work.
Yvonne Köppl
Nürnberg (GERMANY)
"I have already attended and completed your seminar. It was highly informative and educational as I was excited about backtesting with "Wealthlab". Thank you very much."
Rainer Peters
Bad Tölz (GERMANY)
For me, the coaching with Thomas Vittner was very successful. After years of unsuccessful attempts to set up a sustainably successful trading system autodidactically, the guided approach of an experienced trader helped me enormously.
Christoph Müller
Zaisenhausen (GERMANY)
A few days ago I completed the online academy by Thomas Vittner. Wow. This is the best way to learn trading online in Germany. I have been able to significantly improve my entries and exits with this. I can 100% recommend this training to anyone who wants to become a professional.
Andreas Jobst
Bonndorf (GERMANY)
"Ich habe mir den Börsentalk angesehen. Es ist für mich faszinierend zwei meiner Ausbildner beim Fachsimpeln zuzuhören. Für mich als Schüler ist das die Creme a la Creme, was da an Fachwissen ausgetauscht wird.

Nachdem ich die Angehensweise von Euch beiden kenne, finde ich mich mitten drin in den Börsentalk. Es gibt Phasenweise sehr starke Aha Erlebnisse und es ist für mich auch Lehrreich diese Inhalte noch einmal zu hören.

Darum bin ich für diesen Börsentalk dankbar, weil ich dadurch zur Erkenntnis gelange, welche Strategie sich für mich am besten eignet."

Einfach 5 Sterne!
Hans Herzig
Vienna (AT)
liked your webinar in which you presented the basics of how to pick companies for longer term investments. You presented this in a way that was easy to understand and follow, especially for beginners. For anyone who wants to learn a systematic approach, I highly recommend this. I hope you will continue the webinar series. I think not only me, but also many other interested parties would be very grateful for this.
Dr. Jörg Sauer
Osnabrück (GERMANY)
"I enjoyed your seminar in Munich and the design very much, I learned a lot from your explanations and took away valuable impressions."
Reiner Dott
Munich (GERMANY)
Thank you for your class lecture last night at VTAD in Munich. I was impressed by what is available and how I as a private trader can "leverage" my profits with backtests because I can choose the best possible strategy.
Alexander Wisnewski
Aichach (D)
Thank you for the great seminar on Saturday. It really woke me up and challenged some of the ways of thinking about trading."
Dr. Tobias Werk
Regensburg (D)
Dear Thomas, thank you for the very interesting seminar - I learned a lot. I was already at a stock market seminar of yours about 10 years ago and realize how much the various possibilities of trading have changed positively."
Gabriele Fuchs
München (D)
The workshop provides an excellent and very comprehensible overview of backtesting using Wealth-Lab.  The creation of your own backtest and the discussion in the group helps to apply what you have learned. All in all, a very successful introduction to the topic that makes you want to learn more.
Georg Manthey
Colone (GERMANY)
My day was full of joy, because it's fun. It trains structure and order. It demands patience. The "Thomas Vittner Benchmark" is high.
Andre Roth
Muldenhammer (GERMANY)
Your presentation gave me a lot of new input and was very enjoyable. Thank you, for your insightful presentations. I will leave no stone unturned in recommending your presentation to others.
Dirk Retzlaff
Düsseldorf (GERMANY)
"For me it was a successful workshop, which will certainly bring me further, especially in stock trading. We worked intensively for a whole weekend, with Thomas Vittner showing us the way and the direction. We all benefited from Thomas' experience and knowledge. He responded to all questions and problems, which was really great. I also liked the small training group, everyone was motivated and we could interact well. It was a great group."
Udo Kahlenbach
"Many thanks for the really very successful event! It was entertaining and informative, keep it up!"
Stefan Müller
Munich (GERMANY)
"In team coaching, participants are taught the structured systematic development of profitable trading systems. The learning atmosphere is pleasant and the learning result can be implemented immediately. The developed trading systems have also helped to gain more mental strength when trading stocks. What I like about Thomas Vittner's trading training is that he doesn't make any theories, but all his statements are verifiable with data, facts and figures and can therefore be proven. Becoming a successful trader with his support works because his curriculum is structured, systematic and comprehensible."
Frank H.
Hamburg (GERMANY)
The team coaching was very helpful to improve my trading, especially the strategy development.  Thomas Vittner is a very competent coach, both professionally and personally, who conveys a realistic expectation of trading.  He addresses all questions and can give very valuable tips with his experience. With the Billions Method I have found a way of trading that can be integrated very well into my professional life. "
Thomas Larcher
Bozen (Italy)
For me, the team coaching by Thomas Vittner was a very valuable experience! I have been involved in investments for many years and was previously of the opinion that I had extensive basic knowledge. However, the insights in this course have made clear that there were some gaps in knowledge especially in the area of trading, indicators, ...... I must also admit that there is still a lot of room for improvement for me, but a certain foundation in terms of understanding now exists at least! The coaching group was very different in terms of the individual progress of each individual - very pleasant was in any case that Thomas has responded very individually and has picked up the group as a whole very well.
Thomas Schuh
Dear Mr. Vittner, I follow your webinars when I can and find them refreshing every time, they are clearly structured and show a systematic approach to be successful in the stock market.   Yours sincerely
Alexander Kohl
I am just starting out and I need a professional to show me how to buy and sell the right stocks quickly, professionally at the right time!
Ludwig P. Walther
Thomas Vittner hat mich mit seinen Büchern und Videos zum Traden inspiriert. What are his unique selling points? 1. he focuses on the essentials. 2. he analyzes his steps fact-based and relies on scientific fundamentals. 3. he does this consistently and successfully over decades.
Michael Huber
GERMANY is a very sincerely designed coaching & seminar platform with a lot of potential to reproduce and consolidate successes in the long run! I am convinced to optimize the use of indicators, to execute logics and trading strategies even more targeted with the fundamental knowledge of backtesting and the intensive trading seminars of Thomas Vittner. To realize objectives through even more optimized and mature stops and entries, and especially with the learning of the longstanding and deep knowledge of Thomas Vittner among others about the arts of backtesting with Wealthlab to have long-term success in the market!
David Roosz
As a participant of the paid courses I have learned a lot: How successful a countertrade trade is compared to trend trading, this even with a simple and time-saving trading (Billions). How important the backtesting of trading strategies is, e.g. with the software Wealth-Lab; a world that was completely foreign to me before. Also, the importance of psychological aspects in trading. I was very helped by Mr. Vittner's very structured and understandable approach as well as the regular linking of theory with practical examples and trades.
Dr. Michael Sever
Thomas Vittner can help me because he is a professional who has been active on the stock exchange for a long time and not only a short-term phenomenon to want to sell something. He gives you the knowledge to develop your own strategy incl. backtesting so that you can be successful on the stock success on the stock market and have fun implementing what you have learned. With the 5-pillar stock screener you are always on the good side when selecting stocks.
Volker Kunz

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