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The book has helped me a lot to better understand important relationships. I have not yet read a book that presents the subject of trading better than this one. Anyone who seriously wants to trade on the stock market should read this book. Whether you then really get into system trading is another matter. I for one have become curious.

This readable basic work functions like a peephole through which one can look into the trading practice and into the brain of a professional. Theory is thus subjected to the practical test and made transparent for the reader. A complex topic becomes tangible through the practical examples. For ambitious players in the market, this reference book is, in my opinion, clearly a gain. It helps private investors to deepen their knowledge of (swing) trading. The subject matter is presented very well. Nevertheless, some reading discipline is required from the reader – and the willingness to accept a demanding presentation. Those who get involved will gain a lot of (reading) experience and strategy knowledge.