Trading Intensive Seminar
Learn the basics of backtesting
In order to keep the quality of our trainings high, we unfortunately have to limit the number of registrations.
March 18th - 6-9 pm (UTC+1 - Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna etc.)

Under the guidance of Thomas Vittner, you will develop backtested trading strategies that are PROVEN to work. The focus of this training is on the development of high-performance reversion systems (swing trading, countertrend trading).

You will also learn a system development process designed by Thomas Vittner – the Billions Method. This process can be applied universally in all markets and time units and is the real asset of this course.

Using this methodology, you will be able to develop your own high-performance trading strategies after the seminar.

You do not need any programming knowledge for the seminar. Furthermore, no additional software purchase is necessary, as you can work with a free demo software (full version).

Thomas Vittner

March 18th - 6-9 pm (UTC+1 - Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna etc.)
What you will learn in the seminar

Take care: many mistakes can be made when developing systems. To prevent this from happening to you, we use the Billions method* to show you the complete process of how to develop high-performance trading systems step by step.

We examine various indicators in group work and look for the best set-ups.

Price targets, stops or time exits – we check all options for plausibility.

It is not only entry and exit that influence our returns. Choosing the right position size and the right portfolio are also crucial. We show you the basics of these two components.

Indicators consist of several parameters. It is difficult to test and evaluate all combinations (which run into the millions…) manually. In the workshop you will get to know the Optimizer. A tool that simplifies and accelerates this complex process. This is the only way to find the best settings for your trading system.

The biggest problem with backtesting is so-called over-optimization. We show you what over-optimization means and how you can prevent it. This is where important terms such as “out of sample” or “in sample” come into play, which every advanced trader needs to understand.

We explain the causal task of indicators and show their practical application using optimizations.

You will find out which order types help the working trader in practice. We get to know the advantages and disadvantages of the individual options and show you which order type will give you the best results.

We show how the backtesting software is used as a signal generator and what possibilities we have to carry out our live trading with the least effort on a daily basis (10 minutes/day).


This seminar is aimed at trading beginners with little prior knowledge. If you have internalized the absolute basics of trading, you are 100% suitable for this seminar.

Course description

If you want to learn serious trading from the ground up and look over the shoulder of a real trading professional, our intensive seminar by Thomas Vittner is the right place for you.

We use modern conference software (“Zoom”) for the workshop, which enables smooth communication. You will always have the opportunity to ask questions and consolidate your learning progress.

We will also record the workshop so that you can repeat and consolidate what you have learned. You have unlimited access to the recording for 6 months. Access to the recording requires booking the PREMIUM version.

You can take the workshop from the comfort of your own home. Without having to leave your home. And immediately after the seminar you can start live trading with the knowledge you have internalized.

The strategies presented are also suitable for traders who only trade on a part-time basis alongside their job and family due to the low daily effort required. The daily effort is estimated at approx. 10 minutes/day.

* The Billions method

BILLIONS was a trading room project led and initiated by Thomas Vittner. In weekly live trading webinars, 3 trading strategies were traded live in front of a (virtual) audience for a whole year.

The aim of Billions was to show how professional traders work and that it is easily possible to beat the markets and trade successfully on the stock exchange with little effort and with simple trading strategies that anyone can develop themselves.

Thomas Vittner not only achieved this goal, but more than exceeded it with an outstanding return of over 62% after costs. And it is precisely this system, the Billions method of system development, that Thomas Vittner passes on to his clients in his live seminars and coaching sessions.

Attention: Billions will be live again from 2024! (German language only)

Case Studies
Your trading could soon look like this
What you need for THE SEMINAR

Computer, Smartphone or Tablett

The seminar is a Zoom meeting. If you have a Mac, a PC, or Windows, IOS or Android devices in general, you can install the Zoom app for free and participate. Participation is also possible via Linux. For using the backtesting software, windows is highly reccomended.

Backtesting Software Wealth Lab

You can use the 14-day free trial version of Wealth Lab during the seminar. If you want to download the demo version for the seminar, please wait UNCONDITIONALLY until you are prompted by us to install it.

Please follow this advice, because the demo is only available ONCE for the 14 day period (Wealth Lab checks very carefully and also tracks your IP address…). However, if you plan to buy the software anyway, you can of course get the program earlier.

Trading Basic Knowledge

You should have internalized the absolute basics of trading. You should bring this knowledge with you in order to progress as quickly as possible. But we really don’t require much prior knowledge.

Trading Broker


If you are still trading CFDs, crypto or FX and the like, you should be prepared to trade shares. In the seminar, we will explain why we recommend this asset class based on facts. On the one hand, share trading requires a “sensible” broker or the willingness to switch to one.

On the other hand, you need a certain amount of trading starting capital. We recommend EUR 10,000. Below that, trading individual shares makes little sense.

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