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Case studies of the last decades – directly from practice

Nothing illustrates the use of our trading solutions better than a report from the field. See in the case studies how we support you in sustainably improving your trading strategies. See for yourself – the results are clear and speak for themselves.

Trading Room Billions (2020 - 2021)

The Billions project was a live trading room. This was operated by Thomas Vittner in the period 8/2020 to 8/2021 (duration 13 months). In several weekly live webinars, 3 trading strategies developed by Thomas Vittner were traded in front of a virtual audience for a whole year. Billions deliberately used very simple reversion systems whose logic could be easily internalized by the participants. For example, all 3 trading strategies used a simple time exit after 4 days…

Despite this simplification, the total unleveraged return of over 62% after costs achieved in the project was exceptional. Thus, the overall market (return SP 500 index in the comparison period “only” about 38%) was significantly beaten. The goal of Billions was to show that good trading can also be simple. This goal was not only achieved by Thomas Vittner but more than exceeded with an outstanding performance. The Billions method of system development is from now on a basic component of all trading advanced seminars as well as the coaching offers of Thomas Vittner.

Client Strategy - 2 Days Intensiv Workshop (09/2021)

This strategy was developed by a client of Thomas Vittner based on the Billions Method during the Intensive Workshop in only two days. Of course, this trading model is not yet perfect due to the tight time budget (note the years 2017 and 2018). But the average unlevered return after costs is about 25% p.a. (green in the chart). In most years, this allowed us to significantly outperform the overall market (SP 500 index = black line in the chart above). This example shows very well how quickly you can advance in trading if you set the right course and are willing to educate yourself.

Hello Mr. Vittner! I had announced that I would get in touch as soon as I had refinanced the coaching. My goal was to achieve this by the end of the year, which I have now actually managed to do with one day’s delay. So my first milestone has been reached. For the fact that I have only been trading for a little over 2 months, I am very satisfied. Thank you very much for what you have taught me.

Dr. Achim Lamatsch, Waldkirch (D)

Client Strategy - Team Coaching 10/2021

This trading strategy was developed by a client of Thomas Vittner on the basis of the Billions method as part of the Trader Team Coaching, which lasted several weeks. The shares of the S&P 500 are traded here and this strategy achieves an annual unleveraged performance (after costs) of just over 30% p.a. (light green in the chart). Since the time budget in team coaching is significantly higher than in one- or two-day seminars, more complex and thus higher-performing trading approaches can be developed together. The strategy shown here is a good example of what can be achieved in trading in a few weeks if you develop the appropriate ambition and are willing to learn trading sensibly.

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Disclamer: The performance indicators presented are a hypothesis, a so-called backtest. Future performance can unfortunately not be extrapolated or derived with certainty from the historical performance shown. Therefore, a historically achieved profit performance is no guarantee for a continued good performance in the future. Please also see our disclaimer