'Indicators in Trading' Seminar
How to find the best indicators for trading
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June 19th - 7 pm (UTC+1 - Brussels, Amsterdam etc.)

Under the guidance of Thomas Vittner you will learn, why indicators are the most important tool for successful trading.

Nevertheless, some traders reject them because they mistakenly believe that indicators have to be complicated.

But this is anything but true. Indicators often show very simple price movements, such as a rise or fall over several days.

Successful traders therefore know that there is no alternative to using indicators, because only with the help of this tool can we base our trading on clear rules and measure the results.

Remember: you can only improve what you can measure.

This is true in sport, in business and especially on the stock exchange and in trading.

And in this seminar we will show you the best indicators on stocks from the Dow Jones, the Dutch AEX and the Belgian BEL 20.

Content suitable for shares or CFD trading
Thomas Vittner live at Hamburg (GER) University

Thomas Vittner

June 19th - 7 pm (UTC+1 - Brussels, Amsterdam etc.)

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What you will learn in the seminar

We explain the causal task of indicators and show their practical application.

Before we use indicators, we need to understand what categories there are and how to integrate them sensibly into a trading system

Indicators sometimes consist of one parameter, but often of several. These parameters must be sensibly coordinated in order to achieve the best profit opportunities. We show the interaction of these different parameters.

Indicators don’t just have to be set correctly. The trader must also use the indicator correctly. We explain the consequences of applications such as “Indicator is below a value”, “Indicator crosses a value” or “Indicator rises/falls n days” or “Indicator reaches a new n days high/low” in practice.

We analyze more than 400 indicators on several well-known indices and find out which indicator performs best in which environment.

The popular default settings of indicators are rarely the best choice. We show you how to find the best indicator settings using simple optimizations.

At this point we take a trip into professional trading. We modify “off-the-shelf” indicators and model them to our liking. For example, we form a moving average of an oscillator, apply one indicator to another or scale indicators to other time units.


This seminar is aimed at trading beginners with little prior knowledge. If you have internalized the absolute basics of trading, you are 100% suitable for this seminar.

Trading like a pro

If you want to learn serious trading from the ground up and look over the shoulder of a real trading professional, our indicator seminar by Thomas Vittner is the right place for you.

We use modern conference software (“Zoom”) for the workshop, which enables smooth communication. You will always have the opportunity to ask questions and consolidate your learning progress.

We will also record the seminar so that you can repeat and consolidate what you have learned. You have unlimited access to the recording for 6 months. 

You can take the workshop from the comfort of your own home. Without having to leave your home. And immediately after the seminar you can start live trading with the knowledge you have internalized.

The strategies presented are also suitable for traders who only trade on a part-time basis alongside their job and family due to the low daily effort required. The daily effort is estimated at approx. 10 minutes/day.

Case Studies
Your trading could soon look like this
What you need for THE SEMINAR

Computer, Smartphone or Tablett

The seminar is a Zoom meeting. If you have a Mac, a PC, or Windows, IOS or Android devices in general, you can install the Zoom app for free and participate. Participation is also possible via Linux. For using the backtesting software, windows is highly reccomended.

Trading Basic Knowledge

You should have internalized the absolute basics of trading. You should bring this knowledge with you in order to progress as quickly as possible. But we really don’t require much prior knowledge.

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